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All inclusive

Surf Camp

in Telo Island

Peaceful, Private & Enjoyable surf break

July 28th – Aug 7th, 2020

Telo Island – Sumatra, Indo

Surf – Shane Beschen

Our preferred host: Pegasus Lodge

 About this trip

Join Zeshion’s elite pro Shane Beschen on an all inclusive luxury Surf Camp at Pinnacles North Telo! It will be a 11 days adventure retreat at Telo’s most enjoyable surf breaks / July 28th to August 7th, 2020!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will combine world-class surfing with Shane, a living legend and high-performance surf coach, so you can master your skills at your own pace and rhythm. There is no pressure, just to relax and have fun in one of the Telos’ most enjoyable surf breaks, Pinnacles North Telo that blends casual intimacy with the look, feel and detail expected of a full-service, luxury private island retreat.

This area boast 20 different breaks within a 25 minute safe boat ride from the resort’s front door featuring extremely consistent 3-5 ft rights and lefts that work in all tides and wind conditions.


This surf camp is ideal for any waterman looking to enjoying the waves out in the Telos in this full-service, luxury private island retreat.

The 8 villas are connected to the main lodge by a walkway that winds out through lush lawn space, complete with palm trees and tropical plants. And of course it all fronts on to a glorious private beach.

Reserve your spot Now!

We have only 10 spots for surfing guests! The price for this all included package surf trip that will give you 3 months of Zeshion Gold Plan, cover your private air-conditioned bungalows with 1 king + 2 day beds, wifi, bar fridge and a range of activities catering to non-surfing guests that you may bring with you. What about the food? Yes, it’s included too, and you will have an all-inclusive regionally inspired culinary experience that will make it memorable.

At the resort we will have Surf Guides that not only know the area like the back of their hand, but are intuitively tuned in to guests’ desires, limits and abilities.

About “Pinnacles”

Pinnacles North Telo Lodge

Situated off the west coast of Sumatra, and almost directly on the equator, Pinnacles on Telo is located in an archipelago known as “Kepulan Batu”, “Pulau Pulau Batu” or, more simply, the Telo islands.

We are in good company, with the Mentawai islands to the south, and Nias to the north, yet the islands in our group are unlike any in Sumatra and are often compared to the dramatic cliff islands of Thailand or the smaller islands in Seychelles.

Due to the remote location – and the fact it can only be accessed conveniently by private aircraft – The Telos remain largely unspoiled by the development in many parts of Indonesia.

Our Philosophy

When we selected Pegasus Lodges as our partner, our ambition with Pinnacles on Telo is to give you an edge enjoying one of kind world-class surfing experience with our elite coach, and a small group of like-minded individuals enjoying our facilities in a considered, family-suited way that compares favorably with the fine offerings to be found in the Maldives, Tahiti, or anywhere else.

In addition to surfing, we have other fun activities like chilling on the infinity pool, or adventures like fishing, stand up paddle or snorkeling ’til the sun goes down. It’s fair to say that few places on earth provide a more peaceful, private, and naturally stunning escape.

Safety First!

Importantly, we, along with Telo Island Lodge are the only surf lodges in North Sumatra with a tsunami escape zone just meters from the main building, ensuring a level of safety not available in any other surf tourism facility in the region.


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All inclusive

Surf Camp

in Telo Island

Peaceful, Private & Enjoyable surf break

Available Package

Early Bird Price – Private Bungalow

Available until December 31, 2019

Accommodation Dates: July 28th to August 7th, 2020

The 8 villas are connected to the main lodge by a walkway that winds out through lush lawn space, complete with palm trees and tropical plants. And of course it all fronts on to a glorious private beach.

What about your room?
1 private air-conditioned bungalow (1 king & 2 day beds);
En-suite bathrooms, A/C and 2x daily housekeeping with complimentary laundry service;
24/7 satellite wifi;
Meals are all-inclusive;
Full-service bar (alcoholic drinks paid separetely);
and TV in main lodge;

Lazy (procrastination) price

Available until March 30, 2020

Craving about food?
Our guest concierge will contact you prior to the trip to personalize food and beverage needs so no detail is overlooked. Meals vary between buffet and table service, shared in the company of other guests.

Phone service?
SIM cards available

Pro-Media Pack?

Totally! This is the best match to pair with Shane’s recommendations. The footage, clips and stills will be captured from land, water and air

Surf Board Rental?

Yes, we have boards rental by Lost.

All inclusive luxury Surf Camp

Let’s go get some waves at Telo’s

What’s included

⊕ Accommodation
⊕ Meals all-included
⊕ Elite instructors
⊕ Speed boat for surfing
⊕ 3 months of Zeshion*


What’s NOT included

⊗ International Flights
⊗ Travel Insurance & Med-Evac services
⊗ Surf board rental
⊗ Pro-Media Pack
⊗ A-La-Carte Adventures


* 3 months of our Gold Plan so you can continue interacting and improving with Shane after the Surf Camp.

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