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Train with PROS near you!

Train with PROS near you!

Whether you are just starting out in this great sport or have a couple of hundred skydiving jumps, coaching with the elite instructors available in our athlete marketplace will take your skills to the next level!

Some of our coaches are world champions, world record holders, load organizers, wingsuit pilots, experienced base jumpers, but more important, all our coaches understand where are you coming from and the progression you need to fly like a champion.

Don’t compromise your safety and the security of others at dropzones or wind tunnels. Learn directly from the experts.

Book training time with our coaches and together you will design the perfect set of exercises, flight plan and drills for your Zeshion.

Carlos Pedro


Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos is a veteran freeflyer and has rapidly become one of the world’s top Wingsuit BASE and skydive pilots. Currently, Carlos’s base is located in Florida – U.S. but he is constantly traveling the world developing the most advanced techniques as a proximity wingsuit flyer…

Gian Carlo


Gian is one of the most experienced skydivers in Latin America with more than 13,000 jumps across many geographies and playgrounds. He has coached many of the best Latin American skydivers that we know today. Also, Gian has participated in freeflying head-down formation world records, and world-class competitions held in the U.S, Dubai, Russia, among other countries…



Daniel was born in Caracas, Venezuela and took his first skydive in 2007. His base dropzone used to be Skydive Caribbean in Higuerote, surrounded by natural beauty. Nowadays, he lives in Madrid and has more than 3,300 jumps and several hours in the tunnel accumulated during the last decade of safe and fun flights…



Sergei aka FFRacoon is one of the most complete Skydiving Instructors you may find in Russia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East region. He’s not only an AFFI, Tandem and FreeFly Instructor but also Wind Tunnel Coach, Aerial Videographer (and Kiteboarding IKO instructor). Most of the times you can find him in Qatar or Moscow coaching students…



One of the most experienced and humble coaches from Downunder (Melbourne – Australia), Andrew cater for all levels of freefly coaching, from AFF to high performance turns, and angle flying dives in a safe and controlled manner…

When you train with an expert, you gain valuable technical information that keeps you safe (and from throwing money) while you achieve progression faster in fun and safe learning environments. Zeshion’s coaches provide you with all the knowledge you need to take your skydiving to the next level. Find out more in our athlete marketplace now!

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