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First time skydiving: What should you expect?

Skydiving is the most extreme sport you can attempt. It is an activity that challenges your fears, emotions, mental and physical strength. Despite the challenges that skydiving throws at you, it shows that obstacles can be overcome no matter how big or how small. If you have never skydived, but always dreamed of doing it, there are some things you should know and expect. Perhaps these tidbits of advice will encourage you to finally take the leap into the wild blue yonder and float down to earth on your first parachute adventure.

Relax and don’t worry

On your first skydiving experience, you are sure to be filled with adrenaline and excitement. It can be difficult to relax on your first trip up in a plane and your heart may be pumping a mile a minute. It’s loud in a sensory way that will overwhelm all your senses. Despite these emotions and sensations, you shouldn’t worry as professional skydivers are taking you up and will be making the jump with you under a safe, and fun learning environment.

It’s the easiest adrenaline rush

The first jump you make won’t be difficult, but as you make a progression in skydiving, it could get more strenuous until you feel comfortable with the idea that you will be jumping from a moving object around 14,000 feet high at approximately 120 miles per hour before gliding to earth once your parachute deploys. But don’t worry about that on your first go. Most first skydiving experiences are completed as tandem jumps. This means you will be attached to another skydiver and they will have plenty of experience. It is their job to pull the ripcord and guide the two of you to the ground. All you should do is enjoy the ride.

Being nervous is a good thing

If you aren’t nervous on your first skydiving adventure, then you either have participated in extreme sports for a long time or you have ice water running through your veins. It is okay to be nervous on your first jump. You should have adrenaline coursing through your body. Don’t worry if you are nervous, because the feeling of accomplishment will be even greater once you return to the ground.

Is a tandem jump difficult?

A tandem jump is a great introduction to skydiving and experts say your experienced skydiving partner will be doing 80% of the work. Once you complete your tandem jump and begin getting experience, you will work your way up to make a full solo jump. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Enjoy that first jump and be sure to listen to the experts. It is important to trust your instructors like those available in the Zeshion’s athlete marketplace. Two of them are Carlos Pedro Briceño and Daniel Sotillo, high-performance professionals that coach licensed skydivers to achieve progression, either in freefly flights jumps from an airplane or at indoor skydiving facilities in the United States and Spain, respectively.

Enjoy the experience and the view

You will be about 14,000 feet in the air and few people overcome the fear to experience skydiving from this height. Once you are up there, enjoy the experience of the wind rushing through your hair and lap up the views of the earth below. In terms of adrenaline and altitude, there is no other action sport like skydiving, so go to your nearest drop zone and enjoy it!

Are you experienced skydiver? If so, are you ready to improve your skydiving skills?

If you’re located in the Southeast region of United States, Santiago, Chile or Madrid, Spain, we encourage you to check out our athlete marketplace to book coaching time with some of the most skilled skydiving instructors in the world.

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Carlos Pedro Briceño

Carlos Pedro Briceño

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