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Learn directly from the Experts… Train with Pros

Learn directly from the Experts… Train with Pros


The Basics

Who are we talking to?

  • Athletes, adventurers, and action sports enthusiast that desire to learn and achieve progression in disciplines like skydiving, kitesurfing, surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding, among others.
  • Action sports professionals (athletes & trainers) that may want to earn extra money by coaching others.
  • Schools that desires to promote their business to teach others and promote a fun and safe environment for all practitioners.

Sorry my friend, but you have a problem

  • Isn’t it painful when you can’t achieve progression in your action sports discipline?
  • Don’t you hate it when your friend landed a trick you have been trying for years?
  • Isn’t so frustrating when you arrive at a new place and you don’t have a clue about the local action sports scene?
  • How many hours have you spent searching the Internet to find and book the best experiences out there?

The Zeshion’s expertise

  • Through our platform, you will be able to easily find and book training time with professional action sports instructors.
  • The coaches that you may find on our platform are highly respected professionals, even world champions in their disciplines.
  • Beyond pro’s, our athletes and instructors are better persons with hundreds of hours of coaching skills.
  • Create your account now and unleash your potential!

A simple and secure solution

  • Zeshion’s platform is fast, intuitive, secure and with trust & safety tools to vet coaches and students through reputation reviews.
  • If you are a student, when you search for a coach to train on a Zeshion, you can narrow your options by using filters and reading the descriptions of our athletes to check if they’d be a good fit for your sports discipline.
  • The payout to a coach will be delayed until after the training Zeshion has been delivered.
  • It’s free to view and no sign-up fees are required. Unless you want to book a coach, there is no commitment.

Almost all methods of payment

  • Our built-in management system simplifies the instructor’s bookings, and now you have the capacity to use your preferred payment method to unlocking unique and authentic experiences.
  • Zeshion supports several payment methods, which depend on what country your payment account is located in.
  • You’ll see which payment methods are available to you on the checkout page before you submit a coaching Zeshion request.
  • Offline or cash payments are a violation of our Terms of Service and can result in removal from Zeshion.

Why should I pay through Zeshion directly?

  • Paying and communicating through Zeshion helps ensure that you’re protected under our Terms of Service, refund policies, and other safeguards.
  • It also makes it easy to find and reference important coaching details like the training’s address, your itinerary, and other useful information.
  • When you pay outside of Zeshion we can’t protect your information and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues.
  • We can’t provide these benefits if your coaching Zeshion isn’t booked and paid for directly through our website.

When am I charged for a coaching Zeshion?

  • Your payment information is collected when you submit a coaching request (relax, your credit/debit card number is not stored in our online payment system).
  • Once the coach accepts your request, your payment method will be charged for the entire amount at that time.
  • Whether the coaching Zeshion is 2 days or 3 months away, we hold the payment for two (2) days after the training date before giving it to the coach. This hold gives both parties time to make sure that everything is as expected.
  • If the transaction is not accepted by your preferred coach within 3 days or before the end date (whatever comes first), the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred.
  • Rest with confidence, you and your coach get a receipt of the transaction via email.

Report suspicious messages

  • Paying or communicating outside of Zeshion makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. Never accept to pay for your coaching outside of Zeshion.
  • If someone asks you to pay for a training session outside our integrated online payment system, please report him immediately.
  • If you think someone might be sending you links to a fake Zeshion site, please tell us about it by contacting our customer support team ASAP and report the message.
  • Do you need help from a live person? We are available to assist you by phone at +1 (305)204-3990 from Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm EST).

Who’s behind Zeshion?

  • U.S based – Zeshion was founded in Miami, Florida – U.S. in the summer of 2017 by an international team of passionate action sports enthusiasts. In the spring of 2018, the company was accepted in a Silicon Valley startup accelerator program and we started formal operations in August 2018. Visit our About Us section to know more about our team and history.
  • Safety Obsession – The safety of every Zeshion member (students and coaches) on every single training activity is paramount for our company. To ensure that every member has absolute peace of mind they deserved, we’re admitting only the safest and most proven action sports coaches to be available on our marketplace.
  • We’re working on so many cool things so you can have access to the ultimate action sports experiences and learning opportunities! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. 

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