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08/09/10 MARCH 2019

Carlos P. Briceño

Noah Bahnson


FRIDAY 15.000ft – SAT/SUN 18.000ft



Enjoy a 3-day camp, Friday thru Sunday with these top of the world wingsuit pilots

We will be working on flying fast and tight.
The idea is to learn from each other and have fun!


Only Licensed skydivers would be able to participate
AADs Mandatory
12 Seats available

Registration Cost: Get invited to know more.


How to sign up

1. Press the “REGISTRATION” button to know more and submit your information via the form, including your payment method.

2. Please remember that before you pay, you need to be cleared with our organizers. If you cheat, you will not be allowed to participate in our flight camp and no refunds will be available for you.

3. Once payment has been made via the form, you will receive a confirmation email.


1. You need to be a licensed skydiver.

2. Be cleared and authorized by one of our coaches, either Carlos or Noah. This is absolutely mandatory.

3. Remember, AADs are Mandatory.

4. By registering in this event, you expressly accept our waiver & release agreement (Waiver).

Camp format

1. This is 3-day camp, Friday thru Sunday.

2. You, the Participant, should arrive at the DZ on Thursday (March 7th) before sunset to sign the waivers, get your rigs checked and charge your account for the jumps we hope to make.

3. We will be planning the flights early Friday, Go fly, Pack (packers available on-site), and Repeat.


Skydive Deland Inc, 1600 Flight Line Blvd, DeLand, FL 32724, USA



Carlos Pedro Briceño

Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos is a veteran free flyer and has rapidly become one of the world’s top Wingsuit BASE and skydive pilots. Currently, Carlos’s base is located in Florida – U.S.

Carlos has been involved with coaching and training for many of the 19 years. Carlos’s approach to teaching has been honed across several disciplines. As of 2018, he accumulates over 9,000 skydives, and 800 BASE jumps. We love Carlos’s style, winning smile, humble and positive attitude and his passion for coaching. He truly is a wealth of knowledge.

Noah Bahnson

Noah needs no introduction. He has stood on the podium of every major BASE race, every Red Bull Aces event so far (2nd, 2nd, 1st), and has been at the top of the world wingsuit scene since 2010 in both the BASE and Skydive environments.

He also happens to be one of the world’s best freeflyers, tunnel flyers, an expert canopy pilot, and he has more slider down BASE jumps under his belt than anyone would expect – remaining humble and down-to-earth. Any opportunity to fly with Noah should not be missed!

Come fly with us

Come fly with us

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